Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gala rafflesia 2011 Fashion Review


Date : 18 March 2011
Venue: Le Meridien Hotel
Time : 7:30PM - 11:30PM


Let's we start with the worse first:

Rozita Che Wan:
Unique but too bad, 'labuci' dan bulu ramba di pakaiannya membuatkan pakaianya kelihatan berat ditambahkan lagi dengan 'dress' yang ketat. It's too much ! But she looked beautiful with her necklace :-)


omggg what happen babe? This isss ssooo nooot cute ! Like seriously She looked totally fat *eventho she's not ! I don't like the belt on her dress c'mon, why she still need that belt which is made frm the same silk? WHAT FOOOORRR? and her blck necklace was not a good idea. She deserve to get a better dress.

Irma Hasmie

First of all, I love the long dress. It's soooo beautiful ! but I don't think that she need more LACE on her head *I meant for he scarf. Looked too crowd and heavy. And the lace on her scarf is suitable for her wedding soon , not for this event.

The best :


This is so perfect ! I love the tones on her dress, the design and the silk. It was simple yet it looks elegant ! I meant her dress was so rich ! Congrats to Rizalman, he really did it well. I wish I could have one just like his design.

Liyana Jasmay:

She looked sooo sweeet with hey gold and yellow dress. Her legs looked sooo sexxyy with the pinky heels. So lovely.


babe, what happen to your dress? too much ! Dah guna songket tapi macaaaaaaaaaaammm o.o Kalau nak buat modern pun jangan la over sangat yeahhhhhh honestly the dress looked soooo cheap !


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Women of Malaysia

thanks to Women of Malaysia

The KL Bazaar PART 2!

Yeaaayyy The KL Bazaar Part 2 is backkkk see you guys there !


Hello readers ! This is my latest design/artwork. Since I dah lama tak update my blog so i decide want to make something different with my design. Sebelum ni designs semua by sketches and color it with adobe cs4, now I touch up the color using kain perca . Yeah kain perca. Baju baju kurung lama zaman muda muda, gunting, tampal , mix and match.

I love the colors, pattern and design of this silk. Colorfull, nice , beautiful !

Kain purple ni was from ummi's baju kurung *zaman bujangpunya kot? so yeah thanks ummi :-)

I love my sketches eyebrowwwwsssss

And its done !

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Im so interested with GLAM STREET, the event was so awesome, great and you guys should try to join them. The venue was so perfect with beautiful scenery !

keep it up guys !

All of this picture is all right reserved by GLAM STREET PAGE.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seductive & Edgy : Requested by Syazwani Mustafa

Well one of my facebook friend asked my help to suggest her new style to bring up for her model
She want something edgy, seductive and darkness but not too sexxxyyy. So here's the suggestion for you love :)


Cool printed tank top from Australian Sass and Bide, renowned for their innovative, edgy and glamorous designs. Tank top has a round neckline, a-form bryderryg and wide straps. Looks feminine and boy-es

Italian lamb skin leather, garment washed jacket with asymmetric front zip.

Black, mid-weight, stretch-denim skinny jeans with dark-gray inserts. Superfine jeans are mid-rise

Leather ankle boot with lace-up tassel ties, kiltie fringe detailing at front
Silver-tone antique brass bangle, simply slips on

This beautiful new multi-layer chain (Sorrelli deisgn) is absolutely stunning!


Grey washed denim biker vest with big collar, stunned zipper line and studs on the back, silk lining and pockets. It looks luxury-rock-glam and sophisticated details which both combined in this ultra-cool vest.


Printed Tissue Tank by Proenza Schouler.

DONE ! hoping all the info will help you babe !