Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Women of Malaysia

thanks to Women of Malaysia

The KL Bazaar PART 2!

Yeaaayyy The KL Bazaar Part 2 is backkkk see you guys there !


Hello readers ! This is my latest design/artwork. Since I dah lama tak update my blog so i decide want to make something different with my design. Sebelum ni designs semua by sketches and color it with adobe cs4, now I touch up the color using kain perca . Yeah kain perca. Baju baju kurung lama zaman muda muda, gunting, tampal , mix and match.

I love the colors, pattern and design of this silk. Colorfull, nice , beautiful !

Kain purple ni was from ummi's baju kurung *zaman bujangpunya kot? so yeah thanks ummi :-)

I love my sketches eyebrowwwwsssss

And its done !

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Im so interested with GLAM STREET, the event was so awesome, great and you guys should try to join them. The venue was so perfect with beautiful scenery !

keep it up guys !

All of this picture is all right reserved by GLAM STREET PAGE.